Devil Mask (Oni-Mask) List
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The devil mask is to be oldest in Japan.
As same as Fierce God Style the most of devil masks are used for protection from evil spirits.Devil masks serve two purposes; the first to portray the devil and create disasters or cause the plague, and conversely they are used toward off evil spirits.
On the evening of New Years, people sing to drive the evil spirit away and for good luck they scatter beans as a sign of the coming spring.
As a result we call these masks Oni Mask.
There are special Devil masks which have been handed down from generation to generation on some districts.
Ondeko and Gojinjyotaiko are famous traditional performing arts.
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Noh Mask list
Devil Mask Mask Name Devil Mask Mask Name
Daikijin Daikijin2 Daikijin3
Tsuzumi-hannya Kito-Hannya Kito-Hannya Onryo-Hannya
Okinih mask Oni-Hannya Oni-Hannya Samurai-Hannya
Angel-Hannya-W Makai-Hannya Kito-Hannya w/beads
Wakagokusotsu Rohgokusotsu Suzuka-Oni
Angel-hannya Mai-hannya Syutendouji
Mai-jya Ushi-oni-Red Ushi-Oni-Blue
Momiji-Oni_R Momiji-Oni B Tsuina
Kindei-hannya Iwami-Hannya with hair Gindei-hannya
Kinpaku-hannya Deijya Kohjinmen
Namahage Hannya-3 Oni-Buaku
Uramen Ondeko-MS Ondeko-P
Ondeko-R Ondeko_G Kanekumadoji
Genjyoraku Yabu-Oni-Red Yabu-Oni-Black
Haraimen-R Kodomo-Oni-Blue Iwami-Hannya
Haraimen_B Kodomo-Oni-Red Kidomen
Shino-oni Luminous
Aka-Oni Ao-Oni Kindei-Kinpaku
Furyu Female Furyu
Furyu Male Furyu
Daikijin-Gold Daikijin Gold

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Okina-Style (Okina-kei) Female (Onna-kei) Male style (Otoko-kei)
Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
Ondeko-mask Folk mask Custom order mask
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