Shishigashira (Lion Head) List

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A simple wood carving made with a single knife.
 During the last 1000 years more than 100 kinds of Shishimai have been carried out in Japan.
The play when the Shishigashira is worn is called Shishimai.
The dance wearing the Shishi Gashira (Lion Head) is also know as Shishimai.
Shishi means Lion, Gashira means head, so Shishigashira is Lion Head.
People use Shishimai when they pray for a good harvest, to purify their spirit and to drive out evil spirits.
Here we show the most popular Shishigashira.
They were made from one piece of wood, not pieces fitted together.
Mainly there are 2 sizes, UZU (MASTU) is 36cm wide and GONKURO is 30cm wide.
They were heavy to wear, and we had many requests for them to be made lighter.
A new material was developed using styrene foam covered in Japanese special paper and fibre glass.
For painting
We use special chasew Urushi paint for finishing, base paint and second paint then final finishing. If you would like to use real URUSHI Japan, aslo avilable.
If we have no stock, then the delivery term is 40 days. Please contact us.
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name name
Ryujinmai Shishi One wood Uzu Shishi
One wood Uzu-Black-hair-Shishi One wood Uzu-Black-hair-Shishi
One wood Ryu(Dragon)Shishi One wood Uzu-White-hair-Shishi
One wood Gonkuro-Shishi One wood Kindei-
Polystyrene Uzu-Shishi Polystyrene Gonkuro
Gold Shishi
Shishi-Baron Special order welcome

To see mouth moving
The Costume and Shishihakama

Addtional Option

Chin Style

Shishimai from the guest

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Shishigashira for Shishimai ( Lion Dance)
Red LED blinking eyes Hannya for good-luck charm!
92.5 Real Silver Hannya for necklace!

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