In Sado island inJapan, this is the island's traditional arts which has been carryed by the villagers from ancient times, the island villgers call Ondeko (Oni(Devil) Taiko ( Japanese Drum). The island has many teams, and also, as many kinds of masks, but the purupose is the same as rich harvesting, safe, peace.and health.
  the difference in colors and Noh mask is not the same Lion Head, cashew and lacquer finish.       
Feature The horns are very short, because the player is using the mask while beating a drum and wear a head dress. So there are some small holes to tie the headdress with mask.
And to ensure the field of vision, the mask has eye and nose holes to see the drum and ground.
 Also to avoide removing the mask from player's face, providing the string on the back side of the mouth.

Nohmask finishing is here
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