Noh mask price List 2022

We have been making a effort to introduce our Japanese historical
Noh masks and kyogen masks with very special resonable price.

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Noh & Kyogen Masks
2022 Noh & Kyogen Mask Prices
The price includes mask strings, a mask pouch and freight charge from Japan
All of the masks for sale are made of wood and the masks average
8.5" X 5.5"(21.0cmX13.5cm)in size.

Including shipping cost from Japan.
Please click the Mask ID for the images.
Orders shipped only bank transfer, credit card and Paypalpayments.
All masks hand made by Wood with a mask string and a pourch.

MaskID Mask Name H:W:D:cm Price US$
NOH01-1 Hannya-1 25.0x17.0x9.5 $489.00
NOH01W Shiro Hannya 25.0x17.0x9.5 $509.00
NOH01R Aka Hannya 25.0x17.0x9.5 $489.00
NOH01G Kindei Hannya 25.0x16.3x12.0 $649.00
NOH01S Gindei(chrome) Hannya 25.0x17.0x9.5 $519.00
NOH01P Kinpaku Hannya 25.0x17.0x9.5 $619.00
NOH01K Ko-Hannya 25x15.5x10.0 $629.00
NOH01-2 Hannya 2 24.0x16.0x11.0 $509.00
NOH01-3 Hannya 3 26.0x16.5x11.5 $509.00
NOH02-1 Ko-omote1 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH02-2 Ko-omote 2 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH02-3 Kohime 21.0x13.5x7.5 $439.00
NOH02-4 Manbi 21.0x13.5x7.5 $439.00
NOH03-1 Waka-onna1 21.0x13.7x7.0 $439.00
NOH03-2 Waka-onna2 21.0x13.7x7.0 $439.00
NOH033 Masukami 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH034 Magojiro 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH04-1 Zoh-onna-1 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH04-2 Zoh-onna-2 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH04-3 Zoh-onna-3 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH-58 Fushiki-zoh1 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH-58-2 Fushiki-zoh2 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH-041 Syakumi 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH-042 Fukai 21.0x13.5x7.0 $439.00
NOH05 Deigan 21.0x13.5x7.0 $449.00
NOH05-2 Deigan2 21.0x13.5x7.0 $449.00
NOH06-1 Okina(Hakushikijyo) 19.5x15.5x8.0 $519.00
NOH06-2 Okina(Nikushikijyo) 19.5x15.5x8.0 $519.00
NOH59 Enmeikajya 19.5x15.5x11.6 $449.00
NOH07 Syojyo 21.0x13.2x7.5 $439.00
NOH08 Chujyo 21.0x14.0x9.0 $459.00
NOH09 Heita 21.0x14.5x8.7 $439.00
NOH10 Kojyo 20.5x16.0x9.5 $519.00
NOH102 Asakurajyo 20.5x16.0x9.5 $519.00
NOH103 Sankoujyo 21.0x15.5x11.0 $519.00
NOH104 Maijyo 21.0x15.5x11.0 $519.00
NOH105 Akobujyo 21.0x15.5x11.0 $519.00
NOH106 Ishioujyo 21.0x15.5x11.0 $519.00
NOH11 Doji 21.0x14.5x9.5 $449.00
NOH12 Ohtobide 21.0x16.0x11.6 $549.00
NOH13 Ayakashi 21.2x14.2x9.5 $439.00
NOH14 Oh-beshimi 22.5x17.0x11.0 $469.00
NOH141 Kiba-beshimi 22.0x18.0x11.8 $489.00
NOH15 Kobeshimi-1 21.4x16.0x10.5 $439.00
NOH152 Kobeshimi-2 21.4x16.0x10.5 $439.00
NOH16 Akujyo-Beshimi 21.6x16.3x11.0 $519.00
NOH17 Kojishi 21.0x16.2x11.0 $629.00
NOH18 Ohjishi 23.0x17.0x13.0 $649.00
NOH19 Shishiguchi 24.0x17.0x13.0 $649.00
NOH20 Shikami-1 21.5x16.3x10.0 $469.00
NOH20-2 Shikami-2 21.5x16.3x10.0 $469.00
NOH20-3 Shikami-3 21.2x15.7x10.4 $489.00
NOH21 Fudo 23.2x17.2x11.5 $489.00
NOH22 Waraijyo 21.5x16.0x9.0 $519.00
NOH221 Shiwajyo 22.0x17.6x10.7 $519.00
NOH222 Koshiwajyo 22.0x17.6x10.7 $519.00
NOH23 Uba 21.0x15.0x8.7 $439.00
NOH24 Kotobide 21.0x14.5x9.5 $439.00
NOH241 Kibatobide 21.4x15.1x8.0 $479.00
NOH24G Dei-Kotobide 21.8x15.5x11.3 $549.00
NOH25 Hashihime 21.4x15.1x8.0 $529.00
NOH26 Ohakujyo 21.2x16.6x10.5 $539.00
NOH27 Kasshiki 21.2x13.7x7.5 $439.00
NOH27-2 Oh-Kasshiki 21.2x13.7x7.5 $439.00
NOH28 Kokushikijyo 19.5x15.0x8.5 $519.00
NOH29 Hanakobu-Akujyo 21.6x16.3x11.0 $539.00
NOH30 Zaoh 22.0x16.0x9.5 $599.00
NOH31 Jya-1 25.5x15.0x9.5 $559.00
NOH311 Jya-2 25.5x15.0x9.5 $559.00
NOH31-3 Deijya 25.5x15.0x9.5 $649.00
NOH312 Shinjya 25.5x14.7x9.5 $559.00
NOH32 Yakan 21.7x16.0x10.5 $449.00
NOH33 Dei-Ikazuchi 23.0x16.0X11.0 $749.00
NOH331 Ikazuchi 23.0x16.0X11.0 $649.00
NOH34-1 Jyuroku-1 21.3x13.6x7.0 $459.00
NOH34-2 Jyuroku-2 20.3x13.6x7.8 $459.00
NOH35-1 Namanari-1 25.0x16.5x10.5 $559.00
NOH35-2 Namanari-2 25.0x16.5x10.5 $559.00
NOH35-3 Namanari-3 24.0x14.5x13.5 $599.00
NOH37 Kurohige 20.6x15.2x9.5 $449.00
NOH371 Dei-Kurohige 20.6x15.2x9.5 $519.00
NOH39-1 Tenjin-1 20.6x15.0x9.0 $459.00
NOH39-2 Tenjin-2 20.6x15.0x9.0 $459.00
NOH40 Kantanotoko 21.0x14.0x7.8 $449.00
NOH41 Wakaotoko 19.7x14.3x8.5 $459.00
NOH42 Raiden 21.3x18.0x10.9 $468.00
NOH43 Kumasaka 22.2x17.1x10.4 $469.00
NOH44 Cyoreibeshimi 21.5x16.5x10.0 $459.00
NOH46 Kagekiyo 21.5x17.0x10.0 $519.00
NOH55 Yaseotoko 21.5x17.0x9.0 $439.00
NOH56 Shintai 21.5x17.0x9.0 $439.00
NOH57 Yorimasa 20.6x17.0x9.0 $439.00
NOH60 Chichinojyo 21.5x15.8x9.0 $479.00
NOH63 Yoroboushi 21.3x14.8x8.3 $439.00
KYG01 Usobuki 20.3x14.8x8.5 $459.00
KYG02 Buaku-1 21.5x16.5x9.5 $439.00
KYG02-2 Buaku-2 21.5x16.5x9.5 $439.00
KYG02-3 Azuki-Buaku 21.5x16.5x9.5 $459.00
KYG02-4 Ao-Buaku 21.5x16.5x9.5 $439.00
KYG02-42 Ao-Buaku2 21.5x16.5x9.5 $459.00
KYG02-5 Oni-Buaku 21.5x16.5x9.5 $499.00
KYG03 Otafuku 20.4x15.5x10 $449.00
KYG33 Oto 20.4x16.4x9.6 $449.00
KYG04 Ebisu 20.8x15.0x9.0 $449.00
KYG05 Daikoku 21.5x16.2x12.0 $459.00
KYG07 Please see Kitsune (Fox mask) list.
KYG12 Tobi 23.5x18.0x13.0 $439.00
ONI02R MomijiOni Red 25.5x17.0x9.5 $749.00
ONI02B MomijiOni Blue 25.5x17.0x9.5 $749.00
SP01-1 Daikijin 26.5X15.8X10.7 $980.00
SP01-2 Daikijin2 26.5X15.8X10.7 $1080.00
SP01-3 Daikijin3 26.5X15.8X10.7 $950.00
SP02 Karura 28.5x18.5x17.0 $599.00
SP04 Korobase 22.0x16.0x12.5 $439.00
SP05-1 Ryujin-1 26.0X21.0X33.0 $1,880.00
SP05-2 Ryujin-2 26.0X23.0X40.0 $1,880.00
SP06 Raijin 37.0X33.0X16.0 $849.00
SP07 Fuujin 42.0X33.0X14.4 $849.00
SP08 Tsuzumi Hannya 25.5x16.4x9.5 $519.00
SP09 SuzukaOni 26.0x16.0x11.0 $809.00
SP11 Mai-Jya 25.5x15.0x9.5 $639.00
SP12 Mai-Hannya 26.0x17.0x9.5 $739.00
FLK01 Karasutengu 17.0x17.2x23.5 $549.00
FLK02 Kohjinmen 22.0x17.0x13.0 $439.00
FLK03 Tengu 25.0x18.4x25.0 $649.00
FLK04 Tengu w/hair 23.3x17.1x19.8 $789.00
FLK05 Namahage 30.0x23.5x15.0 $820.00
FLK06 Hyottoko 21.0x15.0x9.5 $389.00
FLK07 Okame 21.5x16.0x7.0 $389.00
FLK08 Bikkurimen 19.5x15.0x6.0 $389.00
FLK09 Waraimen 21.5x14.5x7.4 $389.00
FLK11 Kappa 20.0x15.0x10.0 $439.00
FLK12 Takeminakata 24.0x18.0x13.0 $539.00
FLK13 Yamanokami 23.0x18.0x13.0 $639.00
FLK14 Iwamihannya 23.0x18.0x13.0 $749.00
FLK15 Susanounomikoto 22.5x18.5x11.0 $469.00
FLK16 Sarutahikonomikoto 23.6x17.3x20.9 $649.00
ONI15MS Ondeko-men from here
ONI18 Kidomen 22.0x17.5x12.0 $639.00
ONI14B Haraimen B 28.0x17.0x12.0 $539.00
ONI14R Haraimen R 28.0x17.0x12.0 $539.00
BAMH01 Bamboo 1 Mask Holder 40.0x30.0 $39.00
BAMH03 Bamboo Fan style Holder 60.5x42.0 $49.00
BAMH02 Bamboo 2 Masks Holder 40.0x60.0 $59.00
MWD01 Wood S Mask holder 45.0x37.5 $128.00
MWD02 Wood D Mask holder 48.0x63.5 $168.00
MBO01 Kiribako Mask Box S 23.5x17.5x10.0 $159.00
MBO02 Kiribako Mask Box M 26.0x20.0x13.0 $199.00
MBO03 Kiribako Mask Box L 26.0x20.0x26.0 $259.00
*Mask holder and Kiribako (BOX), If you order them without mask,
we need shipping charge.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Including shipping cost( door to door) from Japan.

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