Process of Hannya Noh Mask


Process of brasswork

Select the wood Rough carving Rough carving2 Inner carving Polishing by sandpaper
Backside burned by
candle. Coating with candle wax.
Cover the eyes with brass. Cover the teeth as well. Open eyes
Or we use cashew urushi paint.
Paint whitewash
and glue
Polishing the face Repeat three times Base paint Complete base paint
Polishing again Complete polish Base colouring Polishing Apply antiqued colour.
Final colour painting Coat horns and
teeth with gold pint.
Polishing by tusk
of wild boar
Completion face Completed side of
the mask.
Inspect closely. Completion Inspect closely.

Introduction Carving Process Noh Mask List
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Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
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Noh Mask Key Holder
Shishigashira for Shishimai ( Lion Dance)
Red LED blinking eyes Hannya for good-luck charm!
92.5 Real Silver Hannya for necklace!

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