Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Noh Mask List
 These masks go back to the time of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (1336 - 1392). The Noh play (NOGAKU) was not yet complete. There were performers who would wear the devil masks called Sarugaku and Dengaku. When performers portray animals or devils they wear these masks. Before Buddhism came to Japan over six centuries ago, people believed that giant and fearful devils lived in or near the mountains and the river.

On New Years Eve (February 3rd) everyone thought there may be extreme changes in the climate. There were a ceremonies held to repel the demon from the shrine or temple, and this gradually became a custom among the people.
Devil masks serve two purposes; the first to portray the devil and create disasters or cause the plague, and conversely they are used to ward off evil spirits.
On the evening of New Years, people sing to drive the evil spirit away and for good luck they scatter beans as a sign of the coming spring.
As a result we call these masks Kjin or Fierce God Mask.

Noh Mask list
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Fierce god Masks
Shishiguchi Syakkyo,Ooeyama
Ohjishi Ditto
Kojishi Ditto
Ohtobide Raiden,Arashiyama, kamo, Kuzu
Kotobide Kokaji, Sessyoseki, Katsupo
Kibatobide Kokaji, Sessyoseki
Shikami Momijigari,Rasyomon, Syari, Raiden, Ooeyama, Tsuchigumo,Hiun
Shikami2 Ditto
Shikami3 Ditto
Ohbeshimi Daie,Kuramatengu, Zegai,Kurumazo,
Kobeshimi-1 Ukai, Nomori, Matsuyamakagami,
Syokun, Syoki
Kobeshimi-2 Ditto
Kurohige Chikubujima, Kuseoto, mekari, Kasugaryujin,Orochi, Shirahige,
Ooyashiro, Nezame, Cyoryo,Genjyo
Dei-kurohige Ditto
Kibabeshimi Hakutoh
Yakan Sessyoseki
Ikazuchi Kamo, Raiden
Dei-ikazuchi Ditto
Oh-Akujyo Cyoryo, Naniwa, Tohbosaku, Shiragami, Domyouji, Tamanoi
Hanakobu-Akujyo Ditto
Akujyo-beshimi Kuramatengu, Zegai, Hakutoh
Tenjin-1 Raiden, Daie, Dairokuten, Kinsatsu, Syari,
Aisomegawa, Awaji, Ema
Tenjin-2 Ditto
Kumasaka Kumasaka, Eboshiori
Raiden Raiden,Arashiyama, kamo, Kuzu
Cyoreibeshimi Kumasaka, Eboshiori, Hashibenkei
Tsurimanako Hakuto
能面 金泥般若 Kindei-hannya
金箔仕上げ、金泥般若 Kinpaku-hannya
Tsurimanako-G Ditto

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