Voice from the Guests.


Yesterday morning I've just received the masks.... Woooow!!!! I have no words to describe it, they are simply amazing! Incredible, they are prettier than in the pictures, an authentic beauty... We have fallen in love with them! Your craftsman is a master, please let him know. Thank you very much for your attention and help.
Regards and big hug,
Santi Mas

I received the Sarurahiko mask today. It arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition.
I am extremely well pleased. I sought an outlet in Japan for many years with the intent of acquiring a Noh mask. I have realized my dream!
The mask hangs in a place of honor in my chashitsu.
Domo arigato gozaimasu!
 Dear Inoue san,
The mask arrived this morning. It looks amazing! Thank you for getting it here so quickly!
I am the Writer/Producer/Director of an Award Short Film called Othello-san that we will shoot in Northern Virginia this month. The screenplay has already won five awards in international film festivals. Our movie will star Mr. Togo Igawa.
Synopsis: A celebrated young African American actor enrolls at a prestigious theater school in Japan to play the lead role in Shakespeare's Othello, only to find his dreams of greatness are tempered by an instructor who challenges him to question his reason for being there.
Web site: www.othello-san.com
We are planning to use the mask you sent as a featured prop in the film. We would like to have your permission to give your company screen credit as a Thank You. Please let me know if that is okay.
Thank you.
Dear Sir, Today the mask arrived save at my House in munich. She is very beautiful.
Thank you very much. Have a nice Day, sincerely Prof. Urs Luethi
Von meinem iPad gesendet
Hello T. Inoue San
 I have got the first Noh mask,  incredible working thanks !
the level of detail and the quality are perfect the best noh mask is on nohmask21.com !
 I wait the Ondeko green mask with a lot of impatience
Wagner Thomas
Dear Sir,
I received the mask and it is beautiful and very frightening-perfect.
I look forward to the next one for my collection.
Michael A. Gonzalez

Dear Sirs,
I have received the mask and am so pleased! It is very impressive and beautifully made.  You are fine craftsmen and your skill is wonderful.
This was a gift for my husband.  We study japanese swordsmanship.  Mugai Ryu. The mask will go in our dojo.
Thank you so much! I believe it is even better than I could have expected :)With kindness,

I got the mask and it is wonderful, I am very pleased with the result,
thank you so much!
All best,
I got the mask and it is wonderful, I am very pleased with the result,
thank you so much!
Jani Ruscica
Hi, I just received the mask.
You guys are awesome !!
The details and work is absolutely amazing.
I am so glad I purchased it.
And the speed at which it was delivered is lightning fast.
Thank you so very much.
I just receives the mask and it is extraordinary beautiful! Thank you so much!
Kind regards
Eva Pritz
Dear Inoue San,
I received the mask today.  It is so very beautiful!  You do amazing work!  I am so excited!
How much would it be for the blue kitsune mask?  Do you do custom work?
Thank you so much!
Abi Lamay USA
Dear T.Inoue san
Well, finally after a few years, saving and checking your site searching for a mask that suits me best.
It is here; from the other side of the world!
I have lot of books and movies over Japan, but never straight from Japan.
When I got the box from the post-office, it was very light.., was there a mask in it..?!
I remember your mail; 'can you wait, for payment?'.., trust., respect.; it is a strange thing..
And there was the Tengu; carefully wrapped!!
But the mask; my impression;
Well, first THANK YOU! ,for the Karasutengu, it is very nice, aspecially because it IS what I expected, (what in art-objects not allways happens)
It possess charisma and has a certain magic (what only gets better when it ages), when you look at the mask from another angle, it changes it`s expression. His grin disapearce in a mystical, little evil proud expression.
His mohican and sideburns makes him special, like a warrior-tengu of Mount Kurama.
When I made a picture for my friends to show; it was seated on my dark-green chesterfield couch, which also changes colour when the sun or darkness comes.
And so did the mask; the light-white in the depts of the curves gives the color of the face an extra dimension.
It was very careful wrapped in a fine special bag. It makes it a respectfull item, I appreciated that very much.
One thing.., maybe.. what I miss.., is what makes it extra special; a makers-mark , a little sign in the mask or a document
with the bag, so the owner can be proud that is original and made by a art-craftsman from Japan.
So, only complements!!! And respect! (for your trust)
I am saving and checking your site for new masks!
Kindest Regards,
I just wanted to email you back to inform you that your mask has already arrived so quickly. And I must say that I am very impressed with it. It is made beautifully and I can tell that is it a top quality mask. I have no doubt that it will chase away all the evil spirits. haha.
Thank you again for your time and the awesome mask. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
Lisa ann
gracias por todo, estoy muy contento con mis mascaras, en poco tiempo pedire mas, admiro vuestro trabajo. mis saludos mas sinceros. os quiero ir a visitar ?es posible?
he hecho pedido de ko hanya dia 11 04 en estas ultimas semanas he quedado muy contento con vuestro trabajo. un llavero o camiseta de regalo no estaria mal .
un abrazo. con gratitud xavi san
hola de nuevo,mis saludos mas cordiales,perdon por no contestar en ingles ya
que no se me da muy bien. de nuevo deciros que me ha llegado gindey hanya
,un trabajo excepcional. en el proximo ano voy a intentar ir a japon,no se
si seria posible ir a visitaros y a conocer un poco mas a fondo vuestro
trabajo. agradeceria me contestarais y en tal caso estar en contacto. un
cordial saludo desde espana. xavi macipe
Thank you once again.  Could you let me know the legend or story of the Shikami mask, what God does it represent, or demon, i am curious to find out.
         Best wishes,   Andrew Labanaris
Received Daikijin, very pleased.
Thank You - Nick Liguori
Dear Inoue san,
I received with great pleasure what is my birthday gift - the fantastic
noh mask carved by your artists.
This mask is really beautiful and as enigmatic as it has to be !
As a conoisseur I am really pleased and satisfied.
Thank you for your work and may the art of noh last through centuries.
Virginie Morice
Dear T.INOUE san
Yes, I received the mask two days ago. Yesterday I found the right place for it. Suzuka-oni is now hanging on the wall, looking very splendid. I am very happy with the mask, I think it looks even better than the picture on your website. With Daikijin in my living room, and Suzuka-oni in the smaller room which I use as my office, I feel that my apartment is now well protected by powerful oni. Looking at these magnificent masks gives me great pleasure, and I am very grateful to you for providing such excellent works of art at an affordable price. I have now bought my two favourite masks, but I will continue checking your website to see new oni masks you may be adding in the future.
 The furoshiki was also very nice.
 Kindest Regards
Kaj Andre Apeland
Hello !This is a wonderful mask too!This time the mask was delivered to me directly(to my Home-adress)so it wasn´t handed out to me by the German customs.This way is more easy and cheaper for me.I would be very happy if you could chose this way for sending next time.Thank you in advance.           Best regards   Michael Melkhofer               

I have received the mask today- all in perfect order.

Thank you very much!Regards, Astrid

Dear Inoue San,
 I just come back from vacations today. I have got the mask. As usual, it is perfect. Please let me know when you will plan to organize bid.
 Best regards,
 Francis Biville
Dear Inoue-san,
i reveiced my Daijikin-mask on 31st of July.
I was very surprised, that everything went so quick and without any problems
The mask is very beautiful and i really enjoy it.It is a very interesting piece of culture.
When i was working in Chiba in April this year, i actually planned to visit your woodcraft center. But unfortunately, i was running out of time and had to go back to Switzerland.
I believe, it will not be the only mask, i will ask you for.
Thanks very much
and good luck for you and your business
Katja Gallus
 Received Mask. We are very happy with the Mask, very beautiful. It will go well with our collection. What is the best way to hang mask?
  We will be in touch with you. There are other masks we like, but can't afford it right now.
 Thank You so much - Very Professional - Nick & Lynn Liguori 
Dear T Inoue san
Many thanks for the very quick delivery. It was remarkably quick.
I am very pleased with the mask. It is beautiful. It is a graduation gift for my wife who has completed her degree in Dramatherapy. Noh theatre was studied as part of the course and Deigan is very appropriate for her.
I would very much appreciate it if you were able to send me some information about the character of Deigan by e-mail so that I could give it to her with the mask.
Best Regards
Rob Bradley
We received the mask in the United States today.
Thank you for taking care of everything so quickly. Your company is so professional, and it has been a joy doing business with you. The mask is perfect!
Thank you so much,
Dear T.INOUE san
 Your shipment arrived today. The Daikijin mask is magnificent! Thank you very much for your excellent work! I have hung the mask in a prominent place on the wall of my living room, where it looks very powerful, hanging between two paintings, one Chinese, the other Tibetan, both showing wrathful Buddhist deities. The Daikijin mask has created just the right effect I wanted. I am a very pleased customer. I am actually an art historian with an interest in Far Eastern art, especially depictions of fierce gods and oni. I am also thinking of buying another mask, the SP09 Suzukaoni, but I can not afford this at the present time. Hopefully, I will be able to contact you again regarding this matter later this year.
 With Kindest Regards
Kaj Andre Apeland
Dear Inoue-san,
I have received the mask bags which are nicely made. Thank you for offering these and sending them quickly.
Do you have different fabric pattern also or just this one? Is there a way to see it before ordering? I am considering buying more in the future.
Best regards,,
R. Glick
I just recived the YASEOTOKO mark, it is just impresive, I am very happy, it is a pice of art that I am proud to have at home.
I will defenitely start my own pertonal collection.
Thank you very much!!!!
Ulises dela Garza
From Mexico
Thank you so much for doing this project free of charge for my friend.  I know he will love it, he has been a big fan of your Noh Mask company and of course of this mask, he will cherish it as I do mine!  Arigatoo Gozaimasu. 
Thank you for all the work that was put into making this mask.The mask has arrived and is breath taking ,i am very pleased with the color.As far as appreciating japanese culture ,it has always been part of my life from a small child til now .I will never let the memory of japans culture fade ,and will teach as many friends to respect it as much as i do.i am both a traditional artist ,manga artist and martial artist.My grandfather holds HatchiDan in Shotokan Karate, he has taught me alot about japanese culture.I will pass on what i have been taught ,and all i have learned for as long as i shall live .
Thank you again for sharing your art with me.
James Fulton
Hi, I received Tengu w/hair & Daikijin Noh masks today. I am speechless they are beautiful beyond words! I will be buying more masks from you in the future.DOMO ARIGATO. BEST REGARDS, JOHN
Hello again, this is A.L, just wanted to thank you again for all the masks , i am really enjoying the custom Namanari lately, which i hung up higher on the wall for a different view of the mask. I display Hannya , special Hannya and Ko-Hannya in my workstation/ room at work, and look up at them often when i am working. I have to take some time off from ordering masks, but am planning on sending sketches and pictures for a new mask in the fall. I look forward to seeing another custom mask created from my designs and descriptions. Hope all is well with you and the carvers. Best of Luck, thanks again, A.L
Thank you very much it was exactly what my husband was looking for, he is also thinking of ordering some more i will let you know when thank you,
Bai-Lin Emoto
Dears Inoue san  (K. and T.):
         The masks has arrived today in perfect conditions (EMS; great service!!!!). I'm very satisfied with the items (specially White Hannya and Jya).
In 2 or 3 months I will contact again because I'm interested in buy another masks.
Best regards for you and all the staff!
Thank you for everything!
Dear Mr. Inoue
Yes, I have received the mask, which is really beautiful.  Thank you for all your trouble in making sure it arrived safely.  Although it was a Christmas present, my husband was very happy to receive it a few days late.  The most important thing is that it is just what he wanted!  As a hobby, he makes masks in the Italian style (out of leather formed on a wood
carved mold), and is very appreciative of the skill it takes to make a Japanese mask, and the history and culture behind each mask.
Thank you again, and Happy New Year to you.
Hilary Boardman
Dear T. Inoue-san,
My Shishi arrived today!!!!! I am so happy!!!!
It is just beautiful! Thank you!  Please tell the chief carver how much I appreciate his craftmanship. And the others who also helped.
Inoue-san, thank you so much for making my shishi so special.
I am glad you suggested to make it smaller and with handles.
It will definitely make shishimai easier for me.
I plan to cut and sew the shishi costume to a one-person costume soon.
Thanks to you....I will be able to do shishimai for Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
New Year's Party end of this month.
hope to hear from you,
Dear Inoue-san
The mask arrived just now, and it looks wonderful. It is a gift for my mother's 60th birthday. She has always wanted a noh mask and I know she will be very happy with this beautiful work of art.
Thank you also for your excellent service. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for an authentic and beautiful noh mask.
Best wishes
Silke Bernau
I received the Deigan Mask yesterday afternoon.
It arrived in perfect condition, and it's exactly as I thought it to be. It's really beatiful.
I'm a great admirer of japanese culture (I collect woodcuts, - ukiyo-e-, and other items) and I like specially noh theatre.
Thank you very much.
Manzarbeitia A Federico
Dear Mr. Inoue
Yes, I have received the mask, which is really beautiful.  Thank you for all your trouble in making sure it arrived safely.  Although it was a Christmas present, my husband was very happy to receive it a few days late.  The most important thing is that it is just what he wanted!  As a hobby, he makes masks in the Italian style (out of leather formed on a wood carved mold), and is very appreciative of the skill it takes to make a Japanese mask, and the history and culture behind each mask.
Thank you again, and Happy New Year to you.
Hilary Boardman
Dear T. Inoue,
I have received the masks. They are very beautiful and wonderfully expressive. I know that I will want more.
Thank you very much,
Ralph B. Pena
New York City
Thank you very much for the mask! I wish to thank you as well for your professional and personalised approach to customers - I wish we had the same in England!
I am deeply impressed by the mask - I'm sure it will be the favourite piece in my friend's collection.
It is very powerful, dramatic and, what is the most important, has a distinct personality.
I wish you all the best for the future and strongly believe that your effort to restore historical values and beauty of traditional Japanese art will be widely welcomed and appreciated.
Kind regards
Olga Sidorenko

Yes the mask has arrived - Thank you very much. It arrived yesterday. I am absolutely delighted - It is perfect. Unfortunately I do not have a web site just an e-mail address.
Your web site is very good looking forward to having another look at some more masks!.
Dorinda Kenny

Dear Mr. Inoue,
The masks arrived a few minutes ago and are exquisite.  You must be very proud of the craftsmen who work for you.  They did a beautiful job, and  I shall treasure these for years.
With kind regards,
Susan McVoy
Konban wa!
  I have just received the mask, It is much better than in the picture, as I though, you know that in case of arts and handcrafted goods allways look their best watching from near, I am so glad with the result, thank you very much, send my congratulations to the carver, he ( or she ) is very talented, and has captured all the atmosphere I designed.
I will write you later to send you a picture of the hannya I told you, It is based in the mask you sell me, but the costumer has done some changes.
Arigatoh gozaimasu
Best regards
Javi Perez

Hello !
We just now received the mask.  It is beautiful! 
We will most likely be ordering some more from you.
Thank you again for the wonderful mask.  Arigato,
David Carlisle

I received the mask.  Thank you very much. 
I am curious......are these masks made with a machine? 
It is very beautiful and I would like to know how it is made.
Donicia Galbreaith

Dear Sir,
I just received my mask today and I wanted to congratulate you on your speed and proffesionalism. Not to mention the mask itself (it is really an amazing work )please thank your mask maker for me. Lovely presentation with the little bag. I'm really happy to have found your company and I will recomand it every chance I get. I of course will buy other masks from you as I need them.

Maybe you could give me an advice as you're making N・Mask, I'm looking for someone (actor/teacher) who is currently teaching the N・techniques (or gives workshop from time to time) in France or in Europe. I'm part of a troup (international one, based in France) and we would be very interesting in learning the japanese techniques of theater (n・ Kyogen and also Kabuki).
I knew one man (a former actor from Peter Brook troup) Yoshi O・a, but he is not currently giving workshop.
If you have any info about N・teaching (Noh Kyogen and also Kabuki)  in france or in europe, please let me know.

We are also always looking for naw actors in our troup and obviously were interested in opening our international troup to asian actors. So if you hear about actors looking for a job in France, give them my contact.

Thank you very much for your mask and your talent. Hope to be ordering new masks soon.

Emmanuel Cornubet
Dear Mr. INOUE

    I have received the mask yesterday evening. The quality of the mask is perfect. I hope to order you some new NOH mask soon. I hope that the health of your father will improve quickly. If I come again in Kyoto (fourth time) next year, I would be glad to visit your factory if possible.
Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr. Inoue
We received the masks yesterday - thank you, they are beautiful.
We shall be enjoying the masks - and explain about Japanese Noh - whereever we will live in the future.
And when we get a chance to go to Kyoto we will come and visit your store.
Kindest regards,
Simone & Jan Burgwald

Dear Inoue san,
The mask is fine. The price is fine. The delivery date is fine.
This will make a wonderful Christmas present for my father in America whohas a collection of masks.
I will order another one in January for myself!
Thank you very much.
Michael Pronko

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