Old man Masks (Jyo-kei) List
Generally, Jyo means an old man.
The Kanji letter for Jyo resembles an iron, which smoothes out the wrinkles of cloth, but it has come to mean a smoothing or reassuring message to the public.
These masks were used in a variety of other Okina plays. In addition, it materializes the celebration of the Okina and embodies and converts God and spirit above the human level.

Noh Mask list
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Old man masks Mask Name
Kojyo(Koushijyo) Takasago, Naniwa, Aridoshi
Waraijyo Sumagenji, Genjyo
Sankoujyo Ukai, Yorimasa, Kanehira
Shiwajyo Oimatsu, Hojyogawa, Hakurakuten, Yugyoyanagi, Saigyosakura
Ko-shiwajyo Ditto
Maijyo Oimatsu, Hojyogawa, Hakurakuten, Yugyoyanagi, Saigyosakura
Akobujyo Ayanotsudumi,Tenko
Asakurajyo Yashima

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Okina-Style (Okina-kei) Female (Onna-kei) Male style (Otoko-kei)
Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
Ondeko-mask Folk mask Custom order mask
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Oni Devil World
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Shishigashira for Shishimai ( Lion Dance)
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