KITO HANNYA with tassel

H=225mm, until horn 240mm, W=175mm horn to horn 210mm, D=110mm, until horn 130mm
We produced this Kito-Hannya in hope of the coronavirus will be stamped out.
Kito Hannya is a mask which prays for your health and prosperity.
KITO means pray.
卍 on the forehead was used in Sanskrit as a symbol of good luck with the name Svastika.

This is legend:
Emperor Seimu (701-756) was deeply worried about epidemics and starvation due to unseasonable weather and a major earthquake.
He started the Great Buddha construction of Todaiji Temple as a project, by the spirit of Buddhism.
He prayed that the heaven and earth would be safe.
And also he ordered the famous high priest to pray to exterminate virus without sleep, drinking and eating for 24 hours everyday. However the priest could not continue more than two weeks.
So a famous master carver of the time proposed to the emperor.
If I carve a prayer, I can do it without drinking, eating and sleeping.
Master Carver told to Emperor not to kill virus, just do not harm to humans to live together.
The Emperor accepted his opinion, because Buddhism teach that living things should not be killed. So Kito Hannya is praying all the times with eyes half-open.
Usually we pray with rosary in our hands, However the mask has no hands, so Kito hannya pray to hold rosary in his mouth.
  Stay safe!!!
Thank you
Including shipping charge, mask bag, mask strings and red tufted string.
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Kito-Hannya with tassel

Kito-hannya with beads
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