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Noh & Kyogen Mask Populer Ranking
Best 20 outside of Japan

Ranking Image Link Mask Name Price in US$
1 Kito-Hannya SP-40J
Kito-Hannya $689.00
2 NOH01-1 Hannya I $489.00
3 NOH01W Shiro Hannya $509.00
4 SP01 Daikijin1 $980.00
5 SP-18
Samurai Hannya $590.00
6 SP02 Karura $549.00
 7 NOH28  Kokushikijyo $519.00 
8 NOH02-1 Ko-omote1 $439.00
9 NOH22 Waraijyo $519.00
10 SP-01-3 Daikijin-3 $950.00
11 NOH02-2 Ko-omote-2 $439.00
12 NOH21 Fudo $489.00
13 NOH14 Ohbeshimi $469.00
14 NOH19 Shishiguchi $649.00
15 NOH02-1 Ko-omote 1 $439.00
16 NOH20 Shikami $469.00
17 NOH06-1 Okina
18 Noh Mask Ko-hannya NOH01K Ko-Hannya $629.00
19 NOH09 Heita $439.00
20 NOH222 Koshiwajyo $519.00
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Including freight cost from Japan.

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