Male Masks Noh Mask List
  The male masks were formed in the same manner as the female masks, not to resemble an actual face, but to symbolize the character they represent.
There were two Japanese Samurai warriors whose names were Atsumori and Yorimasa.
Both warriors met with a tragic end, and their names have been given to masks that are used in the Noh Play.
These masks are available along with others ranging from God-like, super human, and the revengeful ghost. Zeami, who created the Noh play was changing this popular art form to something to be enjoyed by the royal court and the nobility culture.

Noh Mask list
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Male masks Mask name Usage of Noh play
Noh mask Doji Doji Makurajidou, Kikujidou, Iwafune, Tamura,
Ooeyama, Kokaji, Ohbinsyojyo
 能面 大童子  Ohdoji  Makurajidou, Kikujidou, Iwafune, Tamura,
Ooeyama, Kokaji, Ohbinsyojyo
 能面 慈童  Jidou  Makurajidou, Kikujidou, Iwafune, Tamura,
Ooeyama, Kokaji, Ohbinsyojyo
Noh mask Cyujo1 Cyujo1 Kiyotsune, Tadanori, Michimori
Noh mask Cyujo2 Cyujo2 Kiyotsune, Tadanori, Michimori
Noh mask Imawaka Imawaka Suma Genji, Ominameshi, GENJYOU, OSHIO
Noh mask Heita Heita Tamura, Kanehira, Ebira, Yatsushima
Noh mask Syojyo Syojyo Syojyo
Noh mask Kassiki Kasshiki Tougankoji, Jinenkoji
Noh mask Ohkasshiki Ohkasshiki Ditto
Noh mask Jyuroku-1 Jyuoroku-1 Atsumori, Tsunemasa
Noh mask Jyuroku-2 Jyuroku-2 Ditto
 能面 十六中将  Jyuroku-Chujyo  Kiyotsune, Tadanori, Michimori
 能面 敦盛  Atsumori  Atsumori, Tsunemasa
Noh mask Kantanotoko Kantanotoko Takasago, Youro, Michimori
Noh mask Yorimasa Yorimasa Yorimasa
Noh mask Kagekiyo Kagekiyo Kagekiyo
Noh mask Semimaru Semimaru Semimaru
Noh mask Wakaotoko Wakaotoko Ominameshi,Utaura
Noh mask Yoroboshi Yoroboshi Yoroboshi
Noh mask Syunkan Syunkan Syunkan
能面 痩せ男 Yaseotoko Utou, Akogi,Kayoikomachi
   Yseotoko-2  ditto

Introduction Carving Process Noh Mask List
Okina-Style (Okina-kei) Female (Onna-kei) Male style (Otoko-kei)
Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
Ondeko-mask Folk mask Custom order mask
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