Mask Furyu Female
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H : 26cm, W: 16cm, D : 16.3cm
This is a big mask
The fryu mask is a demon surface that is mainly transmitted to the Saga region of Kyushu, and has two types of characteristics: females with wide open mouths, extended tongues, and many wrinkled lines. be.
The male face has a large knot ball at the mouth, and the forehead has a wrinkled line and the horns are longer than that of the female.
It is said that there are two types of dances, "Otonari" and "Hahagaura ura".
Origin of Mask Furyu
There are several legends about Mask Furyu. According to one theory, the army of Ryuzoji in Hizen welcomed the large army of Mr. Otomo of Bungo in the "Muromachi period" in the first year of 1570, and both sides fought with the large soldiers, but the army of Ryuzoji for the brave cavalry of Otomo. Was in jeopardy.
At this time, one of the Nabeshima clan pulled a hundred cavalry corps and put shagma hair on the head of the demon and raised the voice of the time to the sound of the drum.
The horse was surprised at this strange aspect, Otomo's army was disturbed and torn away, and the Ryuzoji army was left as it was with the drums and bells to celebrate the victory of the great victory. There is a theory that it started when you danced in a figure, and there is a theory that it might have emerged as a Shinto ritual to pray for a good harvest by containing the evil spirits that are harmful to cultivation.
The wish to get rid of various disasters and bring about a good harvest, family safety, ghost requiem, demon expulsion, peace, and happiness.
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Furyu Female
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