Female Masks (Onna-kei) Noh Mask List
It is thought the Noh masks were originally from the Gigaku and Bugaku in Heian (794-1192) and Kamakura (1180-1333) during the 8th through the 14th centuries.
They are very realistic, taking their shape from the pictures and statues of Buddha. The beauty of profoundness and subtleness are lacking in these masks. Finally, during the end of the Muromachi Dynasty, these female masks were designed to portray the character of the protagonist of the Noh play.
The mask symbolizes something, which is converted to profoundness and subtly and is very different from the face of an actual woman. In one mask, one can see the feeling of joy, anger, grief, and happiness. Talent, tune and tone can shake the heart of the audience.
The effect produced there is mainly Zen Buddhism.

Noh Mask list
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Female Mask Mask name Usage of Noh play
Noh mask Ko-omote-1 Ko-omote-1 Senjyu,Izutsu,kakitsubata,Uneme,Kocho,
Noh mask Ko-omote-2 Ko-omote-2 Ditto
Ko-omote-3  Ditto 
Noh mask Wakaonna-1 Wakaonna-1 Shizuka,Ohharagyokou,Youkihi,Touboku,Izutsu,
Noh mask Wakaonna-2 Wakaonna-2 Ditto
Noh Mask Zohonna-1 Zohonna-1 Tatta, Ema, Hagoromo, Seioubo, Saoyama,
Ukon, Yoshinotennin, Miwa, Taema, Momijigari,
Noh Mask Zohonna-2 Zohonna-2 Ditto
Noh Mask Zohonna-3 Zohonna-3 Ditto
Noh Mask Masukami Masukami Semimaru, Tamakazura, Makiginu,
Noh Mask Magojiro Magojiro Genjikuyo, Yuya, Hanjyo
Noh Mask Fukai Fukai Sumidagawa, Hyakuman, Mitsuidera,
Sakuragawa, Kinuta, Ubasute, Umegae,
Hibariyama, Basyo, Kurozuka(Adachigahara),
Noh Mask Uba Uba Settai, Taima
Noh Mask Fushikizoh-1 Fushikizoh-1 Matsukaze, Hajitomi,Hanagatami,
Noh Mask Fushikizoh-2 Fushikizoh-2 Matsukaze, Hajitomi,Hanagatami,
Noh Mask Syakumi Syakumi Sumidagawa, Hyakuman, Mitsuidera,
Sakuragawa, Kinuta, Ubasute, Umegae,
Hibariyama, Basyo, Kurozuka, Fujinoto
Noh Mask Kohime Kohime same as Ko-omote
Noh Mask Matsukaze Matsukaze Matsukaze
Noh Mask Manbi Manbi Sessyouseki, Momijigari
Noh Mask Murasame Murasame Matsukaze
Noh Mask Nakizoh Nakizoh Hagoromo, Tamakazura, Kamo
Noh Mask Oumipnna Oumionna Sessyouseki, Momijigari, Doujyouji
Noh Mask Hashihime Hashihime Gohst spirit mask
Hashihime, Kanawa,
Noh Mask Deigan-1 Deigan-1 Gohst spirit mask
Noh Mask Digan-2 Deigan-2 Ditto
Noh Mask Tamamonomae Tamamomae Tamamomae
Noh Mask Yamanba Yamanba Obasute, Ohmukomachi,Sekidera komachi
Noh Mask Higaki Onna Higaki Onna Higaki, Yamauba, Fujito
Noh Mask Komachi Rojyo Komachi Rojyo Soushiaraikomachi
Noh Mask Rojyo Rojyo Ubasute, Oomukomachi, Sekiderakomachi
Noh Mask Yase Onna Yase-Onna Kinuta, Motomezuka, Minase, Matsuyama- kagami
Ryou-onna Ryou-
Kinuta, motomezuka
Noh Mask Adachi-onna Adachi-Onna Kuroduka, Kanawa
Otafuku Otahuku Kyogen mask
Oto Oto Kyogen mask
Okame Okame1 Kyogen mask
Okame2 Noh mask method
Okame3 Noh mask method
  Bright Ko-omote   

Introduction Carving Process Noh Mask List
Okina-Style (Okina-kei) Female (Onna-kei) Male style (Otoko-kei)
Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
Ondeko-mask Folk mask Custom order mask
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