Aizen Myo'o mask
The custom order
H=24cm W=17cm D=12cm
A statue belonging to the esoteric Buddhist priesthood or the Myobu.
Also abbreviated as Aizen King. The Sanskrit name is Rāga-rāja,
Raga (translated as Raga) is red, lust, Aizen, and Raja (Raja) is the king.
Due to a change in the Kongo Satsuta (same body as the Bodhisattva King Kongo), 17 honors are designated as a genus.
In rare cases, as seen in the Aizen Mandala, 37 is a genus. The meaning of Aizen Myo is
The heart that devours the lust that human beings have (tonzen) is the Jobodhicitta spirit of Vajrasattva.
It refers to the state of being raised to the boundary of (Samadhi).
In other words, it is an immediate bodhisattva, meaning that human anxiety is equal to the wisdom of Buddha's enlightenment.

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