Up date information 2005-2006

Added Namahage Mask. Created Gindei Hannya mask.
Created Kindei Hannya mask. Created Ko-hannya mask.
Created Ryujin mask mask. Created Raijin mask.
Created Fuujin mask. Added Hyottoko mask.
Added Okame mask. Added Bikkurimen.
Added Waraimen. Created Daikijin mask.
Added Masukami mask. Carved Jya1 mask.
Added Shin-Jya mask. Added Ko-Hannya.
Added Shiwajyou mask. Added Ko- Shiwajyo mask.
Create folk mask Kohjinmen Add Identification of Female Masks
Carved Magojiro Carved Sankoujyo
Carved Namanari Carved Mai-Hannya
Carved Folk Mask Yamanokami Carved Folk Mask Takeminakata
Amended Gindei-Hannya mask Added the voice from the guest
Carved Mai-Jya Carved Uzu-SHISHIGASHIRA
Carved Gonkurou-SHISHIGASHIRA Carved Chichinojyo
Carved Kohime Carved Ikazuchi
Carved Hannya-2 Carved Ohkasshiki
Carved kidomen Carved Devil Mask(Ondeko)
Carved Devil Mask(Haraimen) Carved Ryujinmaishishi
Carved Barong Shishi Carved Nakizoh
Carved Maijyo Mask Carved Akobujyo Mask
Carved Ishioujyo Mask Carved Tenko Mask
Carved Ondeko C mask Carved Ondeko B
Create LED blinking hannya Carved Gojinjyodaiko Masks
Carved Tenko Mask Carved Kinko Mask
Carved Kumasaka Mask Add Silver Masks
Carved Kozaru Mask Carved Syutendoji
Carved Yoroboushi Mask Add Mask Nesuke
Add Mask Headdress

Introduction Carving Process Noh Mask List
Okina-Style (Okina-kei) Female (Onna-kei) Male style (Otoko-kei)
Old Man style (Jyo-kei) Gohst spirit (Onryo-kei) God spirit style (Shinrei-kei)
Fierce God Style(Kijin-kei) Devil (Oni mask) Kyogen, Noh comic mask
Ondeko-mask Folk mask Custom made mask
Preservation ID of Female Mask Tying
Purchase New Masks Price List
Mask Holder Contact us Up Date Info
Ranking Oni Devil World Link
Voice from the guest Noh Mask Painting Noh Mask T shirt
Recommend Flying Noh Mask Noh Wadaiko
Noh Mask Key Holder
Santa Claus Mask
Please up load your own mask!
Shishigashira for Shishimai ( Lion Dance)
Red LED blinking eyes Hannya for good-luck charm!
92.5 Real Silver Hannya for necklace!

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