Headdress(Ohfuri, Watare, Shishi-furige)
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How about to attach headdress on your mask?
It will be changed to diffrent face expression.
Many of devil ( ONI) mask used headdress.
Our Headdress were made by the horse hair.. We do not use Yak hair.
According to IUCN with the red list, Yak is classified gextermination fear II typeh as for the yak is a crisis of extermination, from standpoint of extermination animal protection, we utilize all horse hair. Also we can make it by the synthetic fiber too.
Picture from the guest using headdress.
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Horse Hair OFH75W
US$580 Qty.
Horse Hair OFH75BR
US$548 Qty.
Horse Hair OFH75R
US$640 Qty.
Horse Hair OFH75BL
US$548 Qty.
Ohfuri Size Okamege
Horse Hair OKH-BL
US$570 Qty.
Shishi-Furige White
Horse hair FSH-90W

US$980 Qty.
Shishi-Furige Black
Horse hair FSH-90BL
US$890 Qty.
Ohfuri-L White
artificial silk FSS-90W
US$890 Qty.
Watare white
Horse Hair WTH-W
US$240 Qty.
Watare black
Horse Hair WTH-BL
US$205 Qty.
Watare brown
Horse Hair WTH-BR
US$205 Qty.
Watare Red
Horse Hair WTH-R
US$ 260

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