Additional work options

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ID Additional work options Price in Order
OP-1 Attach constume fee US$80
OP-2 Attach Black hair including hair US$350
OP-3 Attach White hair including hair US$390
OP-4 Supporting grip for Active performance US$160
OP-5 Attach bells US$90

Attache Grip Handle

Make small holes and sew a costume on the Shishi

attach five bells

To see mounth moving
The Costume and Shishihakama

Addtional Option

Chin Style

Shishimai from the guest

Click the name of Shishigashira
name name
Ryujinmasi Shishi Uzu-Shishi
Uzu-Blackhair-Shishi Kuroshishi with white hair
Ryu(Dragon)-Shishi Uzu-Whitehair-Shishi
Gonkuro(Red)-Shishi Kindei-Gonkuro-Shishi
Polystyrene Uzu-Shishi Polystyrene Gonkuro
Gold Shishi
Shishi-Baron Hawk -shishi
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