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A simple wood carving made with a single knife.
Shishigashira (Lion head) completed products for immediate delivery

30cm Gonkuro red one person costume 36cm UZU grren one person costume
with white hair
Sold thank you
36cm UZU green two person costume
Sold thank you
Special price 3000US$ Special price 2600US$ Special price 2000 US$
36cm UZU Kuroshishi green two person
30cm Tomishishj one person costume 30 Kuroshishi Gonkuro green one person
Special price 2600US$ Special price 2480US$ Special price 2600US$
Click the name of Shishigashira
name name
Ryujinmai Shishi One wood Uzu Shishi
One wood Uzu-Black-hair-Shishi One wood Uzu-Black-hair-Shishi
One wood Ryu(Dragon)Shishi One wood Uzu-White-hair-Shishi
One wood Gonkuro-Shishi One wood Kindei-
Polystyrene Uzu-Shishi Polystyrene Gonkuro
Gold Shishi
Shishi-Baron Special order welcome

To see mouth moving
The Costume and Shishihakama

Addtional Option

Chin Style

Shishimai from the guest

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Shishigashira for Shishimai ( Lion Dance)
Red LED blinking eyes Hannya for good-luck charm!
92.5 Real Silver Hannya for necklace!

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