Access to Show room of Inoue Corporation

Noh mask homeShishigashira home

From JR KYOTO station
1.5 hours by express train.
From JR OSAKA station
1.5 hours by express train.
From Osaka Airport(ITAMI)
arround 1 hour by car.
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Noh mask introduction Introduction Noh mask carving process Carving
Noh mask list Noh Mask
Noh mask Okina Okina-Style
Noh mask female style Female
Noh mask male style Male style
Noh mask old man style Old Man style
Noh mask gohst spirit style Ghost spirit
Noh mask god spirit style God spirit style
Noh mask fierce god style Fierce God
Devil mask Devil 
(Oni mask)
Kyogen masks Kyogen,
Noh comic mask
Ondeko masks Ondeko
Folk masks Folk mask Custom made masks Custom
made mask
Gojinjyodaiko-masks Gonjinjyotaiko-
Tengu masks Tengu masks Kitsune(Fox) masks Kitsune
(fox) masks
Identification of female masks ID of Female Mask Noh mask tying Tying Noh mask holder Mask Holder
Silver Hannya 92.5 Real Silver
Hannya for necklace!
Noh mask key holder Noh Mask Key
Noh mask t shirt Noh Mask
T shirt
Noh mask paitings Noh Mask Painting Blinking eye masks Red LED blinking eyes Hannya for good-luck charm! Silver masks Silver mask
Noh mask Preservation Preservation Voice from guests Voice from the guest Noh mask
Noh mask populer ranking Ranking Flying Noh mask Flying Noh Mask Noh mask links Link
Recommend Recommend Your own mask Please up load your own mask! Noh mask
Noh wadaiko Noh Wadaiko Shishigashira (lion head) Shishigashira
for Shishimai
( Lion Dance)
Conch shell Conch shell flute
with mouthpiece
with family crest


Oni (devil)  World Oni Devil World Headdress Headdress hawk-shishi Hawk Shishi Mask
Bosatsu mask
Mask(men) Netsuke Noh mask