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Shop name: Inoue Corporation
Registered company name: Co., Ltd. Inoue Kahei Syoten.
Address: 1530 Kamiaraga Fukuchiyama Kyoto Japan Post code:620-0065
TEL:+81773-23-5211, FAX:+81773-23-5190
The price includes shipping charge (door to door) mask pouch, mask strings.
Ship by EMS, after shipment, we will inform EMS ID and tracking site.
If we don't have a stock, we will inform you, how long we can finish to carve the mask.
 About returns:
In the unlikely event that a product is returned due to a defect such as a crack,
please return it within one week after the product arrives.
Shipping costs for non-defective returns should be paid by the customer.
In addition, antiques may have aging scratches or cracks. Please look at the image enough and purchase it.
Noh mask is guaranteed, and if paint peels or cracks occur within one year after purchase,
we will replace it free of charge.
However, keep it in a very dry place or place where the temperature is minus degree centigrade,
or in a closed place.
If any of the above problems occur, it will be charged.
After we receive your payment, we can ship in one or two days.
To POBox, we can not ship, please write your home address.
When you order, we need the payment, even the mask is out of stock, because we have start to carve.
Also you would like to the custom order, Shishi gashira, we will receive the payment, then we start to carve.

Payment: Credit card:

We accept Visa, Master, Amex card.
Please send your card information through our secure site:
Payment: Paypal: Please send your payment to
Payment: Bank transfere: Please transfer the payment to the below bank:Japan has no IBAN code
Bank: Bank name: MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Bank code: 0005
Branch name: Kyoto branch
Branch code: 431
US$ACC. No.: 7213704 Ordinary account
Account name Co., Ltd. INOUE KAHEISYOTEN
Bank Tel: +81-75-211-1110
When you receive the mask, if you find the crack or damage within one week, we can replace the mask.
Thank you

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