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 Suddenly, May I ask you? "Are you interested in classical performing Japanese arts"?
It's a classic art such as Kyogen and Noh that has been dealt with in dramas these days, but after all
Only the relatives who are related to Kyogen or Noh can get a good casting, etc.
I think that people who are interested for classical performing arts often think that the threshold is very high.
It is undeniable that the inheritance of the venerable tradition is carried out by the family, such as the hereditary system.
However, some folk performing arts are not hereditary, but people living in the area are the bearers.
There are more people in this area, so how do you secure and nurture the performers of the arts in the future?
It is not well known that most of the performing arts that are bothering us.
Therefore, we connect with the general public who are interested in local traditional performing arts but have nothing to do with everyday life.
It was combined with the establishment of a new regional traditional performing art as a starting point to play a role.
We invite people who are interested in traditional performing arts of the general public to join us in this Ima-Ami and enjoy classical performing arts with everyone.
By creating it, we will expand the field of activity so that it can be a bridge with traditional performing arts in each region. New Ami representative

Another core of Ima-Ami is "So-Hitamen.
AR2 mask YO mask  RR mask  AR mask KM mask SB mask SA mask AT mask
 YO面 想直面  
Benkei1 Benkei2 Daimonjimen Aka-Fuji Ao-Fuji Amano
Yoshinaka TB mask
Daimonjimen Red Fuji Blue Fuji AMANOHASHIDATE Yoshinaka  
 Ami-Dragon Okinawa -shishi           
   Oninawa Oni          
In general, "「直面」" is read as "chokumen", and it means to meet things directly
or in an unavoidable state.
Also it is said that you will meet directly the person with each other face-to-face."
But in Noh play, to perform without Nohmask called HITAMEN".
It is said that it can be used as a "HITAMEN" only when the dignity is accumulated.
However, there is a request for those who are alive now or who have passed away but want to make a mask for their face.
In modern times, we must accept a sudden and eternal farewell due to a corona disaster or an unexpected accident.
It is not uncommon to encounter situations.
I wonder if the person who thought of me in my lifetime will appear again, and if I can meet the person who thinks of me again.
IMA-AMI, who ordered these masks to combine real face and characteristics of the Noh masks, was named "SO-HITAMEN.
If you would like create these masks, first please
contact us.

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