The custom order OKINAWA-Shishi
H : 23 cm until ear 27.5cm. W : 19.5cm until ear 21 cm. D : 11.8 cm.

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Okinawa's ``Ryukyu Lion Dance'' is performed to pray for good health and good harvest. It is very popular as a lucky charm that brings good luck. Ryukyu lion dances are performed from June to August in the lunar calendar, during the Harvest Festival and during the Obon Festival. This is a Gigaku-style dance where two dancers are in charge of one animal. Okinawa's traditional lion dance continues to be passed down in various places today, and has been preserved in over 180 regions. Also, in Uruma City, the "All Island Lion Dance Festival" is held every year on the Sunday closest to September 15th in the lunar calendar. In recent years, new creative lion dances have also been produced. The oldest lion dance in Okinawa is the lion dance in Teira-cho, Shuri, Naha City, and it seems to have a history of about 500 years.

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