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One of the three most scenic spots in Japan

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H=23.2㎝ W=17.2cm D=11.5 cm
Amanohashidate separates Miyazu Bay in Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture and the Aso Sea in the inland sea from north to south.
A bay mouth sandbar with a total length of 3.6 kilometers. It is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, and the number of tourists coming in 2013 was with 1,781,900 people, it is the number one tourist destination in Kyoto prefecture excluding Kyoto city.
In April 2017, the Agency for Cultural Affairs established Japanese culture through the historical charm and characteristics of the region.
Cultural assets that make up the "Tango Chirimen Corridor" of the story "Japan Heritage" that tells the tradition certified as one.
Amanohashidate is located on the west side of Amanohashidate, where gravel is carried by ocean currents due to the coastal current on the west side of Miyazu Bay.
By hitting the current of the Aso Sea, which consists of the flow of the Noda River, it is almost straight into the sea.
It was formed by the accumulation of gravel on the ground.
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