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Every year "Kyoto Gozan no Okuribi", which burn the summer night sky, is a traditional event to send the our ancestor's spirits, called Obon.
A large fire letter emerges in Higashiyama, followed by Myo / Ho in Matsugasaki, a ship shape in Nishigamo, a left Daimonji in Okitayama, and a torii shape in Saga.
These five okuribi are all Kyoto City registered intangible folk cultural properties.

On August 16th, when the Daimonji of Higashiyama Nyoigatake are
fired at around 8 pm, the torii shape of the last Saga Toriimoto Mandalasan will be fired in order.
Lighting time is about 30 minutes each.
Ignition and extinguishing times may change depending on the weather conditions.
The flame is not attached. These flames are made by one wood carving.

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