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Minamoto no Yoshinaka is a military commander of Genji Shinano at the end of the Heian period.
He is the second son of Minamoto no Yoshikata, a clan of Kawachi Genji. He is a cousin of Minamoto no Yoritomo and Yoshitsune brothers. He is also known as Yoshinaka Kiso.
In "The Heike Story", he is called Shogun Asahi.
Raised troops by Prince Mochihito's decree, defending the deceased child who escaped from Kyoto as Hokurikugu.
He defeats Taira's large army in the Battle of Kurikara Pass and enters Kyoto.
He was expected to regain security in the famine and devastated city every year, but with a delay in regaining security.
Deterioration of food situation due to his large army sitting in the city, intervention in succession to the throne, etc.
Became discordant with Emperor Go-Shirakawa. The Pope and Emperor Go-Toba during the Hojuji Battle. Emperor Go-Shirakaw and Emperor Go-Toba were imprisoned and became Seito Taishogun, but due to the forces of Minamoto no Noriyori and Yoshitsune sent by Minamoto no Yoritomo.
He was defeated in the Battle of Awazu.

H=23cm until ear if rabbit 29cm W=16.0cm D=10.5cm
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