How to decorate Japanese Armor (Yoroi,Kabuto)
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Take out all parts of Yoroi from Yoroi Box  [前]must be front.  Set up Yoroi stand. 
Ordinary in the center, put wood piece.  Ready to decorate. first, Put Haidate like image
Next use Dou  Dou is connected in two front and back.  Use toggle button to connect front and back
Like this  Dou maki  Wrap on the Dou 
 Next use Kote Tying the string to the center pillar   Like above
Both side  Next use Sode  Tying as same as Kote 
    Both side 
Sode is over the kote    Use memboo 
Adjust  mask nose is located on the top of wood Until Menboo 
Use Kabuto  put Maedate  Insert Ohkuwagata 
 From up cover the Yoroi stand Like this   Until Kabuto
Tying Shinobio like this   Suneate Make them round. 
And finally wear Kegutsu   Complete   

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