Japanese Armor Wearable (Yoroi Kabuto)-30
This is Hoshikabuto Nimaidou Gusoku (Yoroi Kabuto)

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History Construction Individual armour parts Auxiliary armours Yoroi Restraition Kabuto Restraition
How to decorate! How to put back!
It is dirty because it is old, but it is not possible to confirm the production date. ..
Please judge by looking at the image.

Yoroi ID Yoroi Name Price in US$ Order 
Nimaido Yoroi30
Excluding Shipping charge, Including Yoroi stand and Yoroi Box.
Kegutsu is also not including
After we get your order, we can ship within 1 week.
Shipping charge to USA or Europa is US$300-350

Kamon (family crest)

Yoroi Box
  On the Yoroi box, put the stand.   
Haidate front  Haidate back  First tie Haidate on Yoroi box 
Kote left  Kote left back  kote right 
Kote right back  Put a kote on stand Left and right 
Kote or Dou first, whichever OK.
Use toggle button to connect front and back  
Connected tying string on center of Dou.  
  Before set up Kote  After set up Kote 
Sode left  Sode right  After set up Sode 
Doumaki   Tying on Dou Suneate 
Just put at front of box  Tying Menpoo  Like this 
  Maedate  Insert maedate on the Kabuto 
After complete, back side

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