Noh Mask Violet Hannya
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H= 29cm until horn= 32cm W = 22cm horn to horn= 27cm, D=15 cm.
Noh mask Hannya m mask that expresses a woman's vengeful spirit.It is an art that expresses the animosity of revenge. The reason for the name No.1 is his name who carved this mask, taken from the creation of Hannyabo. No.2. A vengeful spirit who changes his mind in the Heart Sutra No.3. Meaning "wisdom" in Sanskrit. It is said that it evolved from the face of a snake due to the Japanese people's belief in snakes. At the time of its creation, Hannya was the only word used, which later came to be used depending on the status of women. Hannya is mainly used at ``Dojo-ji Temple.''
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