Shisa Male and Female
Mouth and ears are movable.
Size: H=36cm ear to ear 46cm  W=36 cm D=36cm
Weight=2.5 Kg without Yutan

 Shisa is a statue known as an amulet and guardian deity in Okinawa.
Shisa's model is a lion, which was treated as a symbol of authority and strength in the ancient Orient and India.
Therefore, it is a kind of lion head( Shishigashira).
It is said that the lion, which became the model for Shisa, was introduced to Okinawa from the ancient Orient through
the Silk Road and China around the 13th and 14th centuries. The name "Shisa" is the pronunciation of "Shishi" in the Okinawan dialect, and it is also called "Shishi" in the Yaeyama region.
The oldest shisa on record is in 1689. It exists in Yaese town in the southern part of the prefecture and is designated as a designated tangible folk cultural property of Okinawa Prefecture.
It was after the Meiji era that Shisa, which had been installed as a symbol of power and protection of the village, began to be placed on the roofs of ordinary households. Originally, it was set up as a single statue,
but you can often see a pair of two statues, which are said to be influenced by Buddhism and Komainu.
Generally speaking, the one on the right with its mouth open is the male, and the one on the left with its mouth closed is said to be the female. However, it is not defined academically, and there is also a view that it is just a myth, so it cannot be concluded.
It is said that the pairing of Shisa with its mouth open and closed is due to the influence of Chinese Buddhism and the theory of Yin-Yang-Five Elements, which led to the setting of "Aun". . Because of this, it is generally believed that 'A' is 'Yang' and is male, and 'Un' is 'Yin' and is female. In addition, it is sometimes introduced that an open mouth wards off evil spirits and demons, and a closed mouth keeps happiness.
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