The custom order Oni-kuma (bear) mask

H=26.7 cm until horn 33 cm W=20 cm, Horn to horn=32.7 cm, D=15.5 cm

In the "Ehon Hyaku Monogatari" from the Edo period, a y?kai called "Oniguma" is introduced, which boasts the superhuman strength and gigantic body that can easily carry a horse. According to it, it was believed that a large old bear would later become a 'demon bear', standing on its hind legs and walking like a human being. It is said that the 'demon bear' comes down to the village late at night and drags out the cows and horses to eat it. Its strength is many times that of a human, and it is said that it was once witnessed to throw down a rock with a width (about 1.8 to 2 meters). Even in Hokkaido, brown bears that attack people are called demon bears by another name, and the Ainu people worship bears that are much larger and stronger than humans as ``kimun kamuy (mountain gods),'' which they fear to harm humans. It is said that they were afraid of bears, calling them ``Nuprikesunpriwenkul'' (villains at the foot of the mountain).
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