H=27.3cm W=18.7 cm D=11 cm

A pair of deity statues enshrined on the left and right sides of the temple gate or in front of the Shumidan to protect Buddhism. Usually, an open-mouthed Agata is called Kongo, and a closed-mouthed Ungyo is called a sumo wrestler. The left one is also called Misshaku Kongo, and the right one is called Naraen Kongo. All of them have the appearance of brave anger. A piece of paper that is considered a symbol of health and chewed in the mouth If you throw it and stick it to the part corresponding to your affected part or the part you wish to develop, There is a folk belief that wishes come true. It is also believed to be the god of good walking, and the large straw sandals ( Waraji) etc. are dedicated.
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