Noh mask LED Shiro-Hannya

We create LED blinking eyes Hannya.
You can use this as lucky charm for your house.
In AC100-240V  Out DC5V
If you remove the blinking device, it can be just Noh mask Shiro Hannya.
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Blinking movie, mpg(2.44MB)
Prod. ame Code Price in US$ Order
LED-Hannya White NOH01LE-W US$564
LED-Hannya Red NOH01LE-R US$564
LED-Hannya Blue NOH01LE-B US$564
LED-Hannya Green NOH01LE-G US$564
LED-Hannya-Yellow NOH01LE-Y US$564
White Red Blue
Green Yellow
LED Blinking device connect with switching regulator Switching right for blinking.
Back view Just push into eyes.

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