Big Karasu Tangu Mask SP-8B
FLK-01 SP8
H= 50 cm with tokin : 60.7cm, W= 40cm D= 33cm, weight?:?6815?gram
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A mythical creature that wears a yamabushi costume and has a face with a crow-like beak,
and is said to be able to fly freely.
Although it is called a crow, it is said that its predecessor was a bird of prey such as the kite,
and its wings are similar in color to birds of prey, and its eyes are said to shine golden.
with black plumage has recently been created in large numbers.
It excels in swordsmanship and supernatural power, and is said to have come down to the capital
in the olden days and wielded rage.
They are also called small tang, and they are basically subordinates of the great tang,
but when they were originally called tang, they generally meant Karats Tang.
It is said that tang with a long snout like dating appeared after .
The influence of and Indian mythology Garbed can be seen in the clothing and appearance.
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