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The Karasu Tengu is a legendary creature that, like the Great Tengu, wears a Yamabushi costume,
has a face with a crow-like beak, and is said to be able to fly freely.
Also called blue tengu or small tengu. Although they are called crows, many of them are covered in feathers similar to those of birds of prey.
He excelled in swordsmanship, and it is said that Karasu Tengu of Mt. Kurama taught the young Ushiwakamaru
how to use the sword. It is also said to have excellent supernatural powers,
and in the past it was said to come down to the capital and wreak havoc.
In post-medieval Japan, Tengu referred to Tengu that looked like birds of prey, and tengu with long noses became mainstream in the early modern period.
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