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Ichimatsu dolls are a type of dress-up doll.
From as small as 20 cm, some are over 80 cm, but around 40 cm is common

The name of the Ichimatsu doll was derived from its resemblance to Kabuki actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu in the middle of the Edo period
There is a theory that it was called a checkered doll in a sense, and that it was called a checkered doll because it was sold in checkered costumes.
Speaking of "dolls" in Edo, they used to refer to checkered dolls, but as toys for children
In 1927, she was presented to the United States as a puppet ambassador.
Currently, the checkered dolls on the market are often made of gypsum on the head and polyurethane made on the side of the doll. These dolls were made by by the hands of a professional doll artist. 
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