Bosatsu Mask
Ordinary there are 25 kinds of Bosatsu masks.
Especially we choose the best expressive Bosatsu and since 1998 we have been carving.
The originally the face was painted by real gold leaf.
However we prefer to replicate them as the present antiqued color.
We use gold dust for No.1 and No.3, and  use gold leaf for No.2 and Noh mask method for No3N.
Bosatsumen1 Bosatsumen2 Bosatsumen3
Noh mask finishing
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Side view Front view Kohrin ( Ray ring)
Korin can be fixed with crown.
Bosatumen Stand
Bosatsumen bag Cristal A letter of Saku
Crown made with brass
and gilding
Side view Wooden hair
KANJI Bosatsu Box for Bosatsumen

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