H:23 cm, W:18.3cm, with ear:24 cm, D:17.5 cm,
A Japanese apparition (called Youkai in Japan)
 Amabie was launched in May 1846 on the coast of Higo, which is now Kumamoto Prefecture.
A Japanese apparition (called Youkai) that is said to have appeared in.
It causes phenomena such as shining light from the sea,
It is reported that Amabie made predictions about abundant crops and epidemics.
Amabie is a print similar to the newspaper that seems to have been produced in the late Edo period.
A picture and a sentence are written. Because a shining thing happened in the sea every night in Kumamoto prefecture
When the land officials turned around, something called Amabie appeared, and told to the officials
"For six years from this year, a good harvest will continue in each country, but at the same time,
an epidemic will prevail.
Show people a picture of me as soon as possible. Amabie told him to avoid prevailing epidemic
that he had predicted. Then Amabie returned to the sea.
Photograph courtesy of the Main Library, Kyoto University - Amabie 
Edo period News paper
 H 23 cm, W : 24 cm, D : 17.5 cm
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