Wolf Hannya-G

H=24,5cm, until horn=30,.5 cm, W=19 cm, D=13 cm
Including shipping charge, mask bag and mask strings.
We prayed for the early convergence of the Covid-19 and to stop Russia's invasion of Ukraine,
We carved the Wolf Hannya again.
Hannya's another meaning: In the context of Buddhist meditation, it is the ability to understand the characteristics of all things (three phases: impermanence, suffering, selflessness.
Just as the etymology of Japanese wolves is Okami, wolf worship has existed in Japan for a long time.
In "Nihon Shoki", it is described that the wolf is "a smart god (noble god) and this is a god".
In addition, it is said in the Yamatonokuni-Fudoki that it was deified as a "true god.
" As a mountain god Iitate Yamatsumi Shrine and Chichibu Mitsumine Shrine, Musashi Mitake Shrine which are linked to mountain worship and became the center of wolf worship. The guardian dog of is a wolf.
In Egyptian mythology, there is the wolf-shaped war god Wepwawet, whose name means the pioneer of the road.
He was the pilot of the battlefield and the underworld.
According to Aristotle's History of Animals, she gave birth to Apollo and Artemis twins in Greek mythology.
Leto claims to be a female wolf.
In ancient Roman founding myths, the twin founders Romulus and Remus were raised by she-wolf.
A Roman statue of twins sucking the breasts of a female wolf is in the Capitoline Museums.
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