The Great Tea Master

As you have noticed that the back ground of our home pages
are all same design called Rikyubai.

The meaning of Rikyu-bai:
This design was derived from Ume (Japanese apricot) used on the bag
which protected his special tea container.
Senno-Rikyu, the founder of Japanese tea ceremony would use this for his best tea container.
This design is made up of six (6) dots and joined with the random line.
It expresses a plum blossom and gives an impression of refinement, confidence, and stability.

So this time, we have carved Senno-Rikyu wood carving.

We have a few in stock, if you are interested in this sculpture, we can sell.
including a square Japanese floor cushion whcih was made by Meibutsugire
menas (special Rikyubai Designed cloth) and paulownia wood box.
The Price is USD 298.00 including shipping cost to all the countries.
Size: H 22cm W 15cm D 16cm

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