Devil mask Monster Lion Mask-2
king of beasts
The custom order SP63J
H=26.5cm W=18cm D =12.7cm without Hair and Feather

It has been used in emblems and patterns since ancient times.
Also, because of its might and dignified appearance with a distinctive mane,
it is often compared to the ``king of beasts'' and is used as a symbol
of power (royal authority), strength, divinity, and fear. In ancient Egypt, it was deified as a sphinx with a human face, a lion's body, and eagle wings,
and a lion-faced deity (Sekhmet, Bastet, and Tefnut).
Other examples include Lamashtu, the demon goddess with the head of a
lioness from Akkadian mythology.

It is thought that Japan's guardian dogs and Okinawa's shisa were also
introduced to India via China, where the stone lion is based on the design of a lion.
In China, he is considered the guardian of the law, and in Buddhism,
he is the guardian of buildings.
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