Kindred mask

Wolf - League of Legends
This is custom order
Wood carving by master carver

Although they are separate beings, they will never be separated---
Kindred points to the essence of death as a pair.
The arrows shot by the lamb quickly liberate those who have accepted their fate from this world.
The wolf corners those who try to escape death and crushes them with its strong jaws,
causing them to meet a gruesome end.
Though theories abound across Runeterra about the essence of Kindred,
all living beings are forced to choose the essence of death.

What is the true identity of Kindred?
Kindred is the embrace of innocent death and the brutal fangs of darkness.
He is a shepherd and a butcher, a poet and a primitive man.
They are two sides of the same coin.
When a man is on the verge of crisis, the pulse in his throat resonates louder
than the sound of a trumpet, calling to the Kindred.
"Kindred'' means blood relationship,'' and was chosen after searching for a name that would embody family.
H : 25 cm, until horn 36. cm, W : 22.3 cm, D : 13.8 cm

(including mask bag, all led device, shipping charge)

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Someone is facing the mask, Eye is blinking.
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Right is led device on-off
Left we put on -off sensor.

Left device is battery case.
A3 x 4

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