(Hannya-Long-nosed goblin)
.H=25cm, until horn29cm W=18.5 cm Horn to horn19.5cm D=25.5 cm
A ghastly apparition who lives in the heavens and deep mountains.
He is in a yamabushi style (priest practicing asceticism in the mountains),
has a ordinary red face, but now he became Hannya then face color is white,
a high nose, wings, long claws on his limbs,
and has a pilgrim's staff, a sword, and a uchiwa. it was understood as Yasha / devil,
but it was imagined in Japan in connection with Shugendo (priest who trains himself
by enduring ascetic practices)
Usually, the first type is a mountain god who performs poetic justice and guards Buddhism,
the second type is a strange one such as a fallen monk, and the third kind is a fallen
one who feels resentment and anger in this world. 

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