Noh Mask Preservation


The preservation of Noh Mask and maintenance.
If after one year of purchase, the paint on the mask
cracks or fades, we will gladly replace it. If, however,
the mask is exposed to air conditioning or excessive sun,
the mask will not be replaced.
Please keep the mask at not dried up place indoor.

Tips for maintaining the Mask
1. Please keep the mask in a moist area.
Excessive dryness will damage the mask.
2. Keep a cup of water close to the mask.
3. Use a dry towel to clean the mask. Never wet the mask.
4. After five years the mask will develop an antique look.

If you feel the mask is dusty, please clean up softly
by the soft cloths, but do not scrub the mask.
As long as getting older, the old color will appear
and getting antique.

5 years later after purchase, the mask can
be strong enough even for sun shine.

If you use air conditioner for all seasons,
please put a glass of water beside the mask.

Especially if the mask get a water or rain, the mask colour will be faded out.

How to use a Noh mask!

It was said the mask can be grown up by the performer who wear the mask,
however the mask itself has a healing energy or power, because the mask carver
inspire the spirit into the mask.

So the masks can be used as follows too.
1, Decorate the space.
2, Gift for the important person for you.
3, Gift for your child or parents.
4, Actually wear the mask to heal yourself.
5, Use as a text for culture.
6, Use for a celebration of any event.

If you have any idea, you are welcome to email us.

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