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Mask name Ko-omote          
H:80mm W=60mm D:30mm
Material The first class Sandalwood
Sandalwood Japanese call Byakudan as Sandalwood.
Sandalwood tree is grown in India and indonesia at tropical country with the evergreen tall.
It assumes and that the heartwood with lucre color, is an aroma, has spirit characteristic wood and the materials as an object of worship from ancient times.
People use this wood as the sculpture material of the statue of Buddha and the fine arts and as the perfume.
The sandalwood oil is refined from the material, it is famous as an aroma essential oil.
The younger wood, the whiter, it becomes the extent yellow which passes the year, in addition about the center of the wood yellow, also aroma becomes good.
Aroma Effection SkinTonic,Aphrodisiac,Urinary, Hairtonic,relaxation,meditation insecticide, sterilization
US$240 including shipping charge(door to door) and Ojime, cord, bag.                                  Qty,1   Sold
We can make other mask Netsuke, contact us.
Including Netsuke Himo(cord), Ojime, Bag
The first class quality of the sandalwood has passed tree's age, the heartwood is yellowish as the below images. About white ones is young tree and not good aroma.
We are dyeing the color as above images which grain appears in expression.
But on the back side, we will not dye to be able enjoy the aroma of Sandalwood.
We do not dye color at back side, to keep an aroma.

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