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Kitsune means Fox, in Japan there are many kinds of fox masks such as Tenko, Hakuko, Jiko,Kinko etc.
There is Fox belief in Japan, we have many many Fox shrine, named Inari shrine.
People believe the fox is a messenger of God who bring rich harvest, so it is symbol of wealth.
On the contrary people believe that a fox had taken the form of the woman or any kind of human.
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Hakuko(WhiteFox)-1 Hakuko-2 Jiko(Grand Fox) Kitsune-4 Tenko(Sky Fox)
Kinko(Gold Fox) Hakuko-7 Hakuko-8 Kitsune-9 Hahakistue(Mother Fox)
白狐ー7 白狐ー8 Hakuko-7 Haha-Tenko
Yoshiwara Kitsune Ryuko(Dragon Fox) Kin-Tenko(gold-tenko) Gin-Tenko(Silver fox) Water Fox
Yoshiwara-Kitsune Ryuko(Dragon Fox)
Okina-Kitsune Samurai Kitsune Yoshiwara Kogitsune Fire Fox Fire Fox w/hair
Shimazu-white Fox

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