Hyotan(Gourd) with family crest or emblem or your sign.
Another Japanese old beauty.

Using natural gourd, polish by sand paper, then basic , second color and final URUSI fiinishing.
Inside, we use Stron TXL2800 clear which pass the food hygiene law
We make your singnature, or sign, or emblem by Gold leaf 24K. Contact us.

Samurai used this as a Sake bottlle.

H=290mm Sd:50mm Ld:180mm TypeA Netsuke and cork Sd:Upper diameter, Ld: Lower diameter
TypeB Type=BFWith Red strings and
stopper is made by ebony wood.
Stock H Sd Ld
Hyotan1 29cm 5cm 18cm
Hyotan2 35cm 9cm 21cm
Hyotan3 28cm 8cm 19cm
Hyotan4 29cm 6cm 19cm
Hyotan2 Hyotan3 Hyotan4
Type Code Qty. Price in
Hyotan2 TypeA H2A 1 420
Hyotan2 TypeB H2B 1 450
Hyotan3 TypeA H3A 1 320
Hyotan3 TypeB H3B 1 350
Hyotan4 TypeA H4A 1 340
Hyotan4 TypeB H4B 1 370

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